Complete Putting Stroke Analysis


iPerfectPutt helps you sink putts by analyzing your putt line and weight by providing analysis/feedback on the following aspects of your putting stroke: 

      • Swing plane
      • Clubface angle
      • Weight of the putt
      • Tempo                                                 View Demo


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Swing Plane                                                                             

iPerfectPutt uses the term swing plane to refer to the inclination of the shaft when you view a golfer from his or her side. When stroke capture begins, the app uses this inclination angle to establish an initial swing plane, the line of the putt is on the initial swing plane. During the rest of your stroke, the app measures the shaft's swing plane deviation, which is the inclination of the shaft relative to the initial swing plane. This deviation is expressed in degrees inside or outside of the initial swing plane.



 iPerfectPutt Screenshots :




Clubface Angle

The clubface angle is the direction of the putter face, relative to its initial direction at address. It is expressed in degrees open or closed. To hit the golf ball on the right line, the swing plane and the clubface angle need to be such that the clubface is squared to the line at impact.


 iPerfectPutt Screenshots :


Note : In the above screenshots, the reference stroke has a closed clubface at impact. Sometimes a closed clubface cancels out an outside swing plane which can result in a straight putt in spite of poor stroke mechanics.


Weight of the Putt

In order to hit a perfect putt (straight, breaking or lag), the correct weight is required (affected by putt weight and tempo).

The weight of the putt refers to how strongly you swing the putter and, therefore, how much speed is imparted to the ball upon impact. iPerfectPutt performs the following two measurements to give you an idea of the weight of your putt:


            • Backswing angle
            • Clubhead speed at impact

The backswing angle is a measurement, given in degrees, of how far back you bring your putter during the backswing.







Your stroke's tempo is analyzed by measuring the time spent in the backswing phase of the stroke, as well as the time spent in the downswing phase. For the purpose of measuring tempo, the downswing is considered to begin when the backswing ends and the swing motion changes direction. The downswing is considered to end when the putter returns to the address position.The ratio of the backswing duration relative to the downswing duration is called tempo ratio.


 iPerfectPutt Screenshot :


 In this screenshot, the tempo is lagging behing that of the reference stroke.